Oh, the Times they are a Changing

Times are changing for all of us, with the changing of the seasons we need to evaluate our work and life; to decide what to build into and what to set free and/or let go of. On one hand, I find change exciting; I have been a change agent for most of my vocational life. I enjoy working to improve whatever exists, and I love to be part of creating new visions, and to those visions become reality.

On the other hand, it can be difficult to let go of the things in our past that gave us affirmation. I enjoyed these past 15 years and all of the people I have been blessed to meet at events where I was a keynote speaker, the workshops I facilitated, or sessions I coached – and if you are one of these, this is not good-bye, just the announcement of change.

My corporate role as Chief Operations Officer will require that I serve all of the stakeholders of our organization with a while heart and a full effort.

What I can not do

I no longer have anything to sell you – no book, no keynote, no workshops, facilitation, or coaching. While all of these products and services still exist, I will be unable to invest the time and energy required to honour you with my best effort, so I will leave that to others.

What I can do

I thought about taking this website down completely, however, there are many posts archived here that are still relevant, and I would like to keep them here for you.  In addition to the archived pieces, I thought it may be helpful to hold the doorway open for communication: in reciprocal fashion – between my desk and yours.

I may still post from time to time (though likely not regularly) with insights that grow out of this coming season of innovation, when I feel that the experience may be a benefit to you.

I am willing to share my experience with anyone who could benefit from it. You may always reach out through the contact page here and I will ALWAYS reply.

Be blessed in deep and abiding peace, through grace!

David E White - Expanding Your Leadership Resilience