A Bit of COVID-Inspired Humour

I created a short music/video clip with a bit of humour related to the social distancing of COVID-19. Aside from the humour angle, I am sending this to you as a practical example of resilient practice – things that I do during this season to stay on track.

Engaging in almost anything creative has generally been a good practice for me. I think the obvious reasons are distraction and fulfilment arriving in the finished product – but I think a more subliminal reason it works is that it subconsciously reminds me that I am not only my vocation. I have been through seasons before — vocational transitions — where I felt lost, or maybe more accurately, I lost some of my identity. If I wasn’t CEO of XYZ Corp, and/or if people weren’t calling me for advice, then what value did I have to offer the world? Viktor Frankl called this unemployment neurosis – psychologically speaking: an existential crisis. (Note: I highly recommend reading his book “Man’s Search for Meaning”)

I would guess that many of you are facing uncertainty in your vocation. Please, remember that you have many other roles in life. There are many reasons for you to exist and values for you to fulfill. If you would like a free workbook to explore some of these concepts, just email me and I would be happy to send one your way!

Throughout history, there are many examples of seasons where people have experienced existential crisis/vacuums. The good news is that we have many great examples of overcomers – people who left a trail of principles to help us navigate this challenge.

Now – for some creative humour. I wrote and recorded the music over 20 years ago, and created new lyrics to relate to today.

Hope you enjoy!