An Invitation to the Outer Deck

Have you ever been to a large cocktail party or reception? Was the room well lit, or did they have the lights dimmed? Was music playing softly in the background, or was it saturating your pours and expanding the diameter of your ear canal? Did it feel like a room full of people, where everyone was talking, but no one was listening? How was your energy though the evening? Did  you enjoy the experience, or did you find it draining? Did you stay late or did you leave as early as possible? Did you find the conversations enjoyable or somehow shallow and insincere?

I confess that if you bump into me at a large cocktail party, it will likely be outside on the deck. I prefer the quiet, where I can engage a deeper conversation. Make it perfect  — add a gentle, warm breeze and sunset — and I’ll stay a while. It’s not that I don’t like people, (quite the opposite) I just can’t process the massive assault on my senses. I can’t get to the depth of connection that feels sincere and meaningful in the larger room. It is important to me that I have honoured you by listening, hearing and interacting with you – all of which is challenged in a noisy room.

I tend to feel similarly about social media; it’s a very large room with lots of chatter. It’s full of great people, and there are many meaningful conversations happening, but I find it difficult to feel connected, so I’ll be out on the periphery – the deck.

I’m always up for the company of anyone that wants to engage a deep, warm conversation about life, values, purpose…any ideas about how we can live more fully and meaningfully.

If this resonates with you, and you might find a conversation helpful – join me on the deck – post a comment here, or send me an email, and we’ll start a conversation.

David E White - Expanding Your Leadership Resilience