Episode 8: Resilience Fuel


What is one of the essential elements of resilience and how do we nurture, grow, and/or maintain it? This week’s episode summarizes some of Episode 7: My “Suicide Note” – highlighting some of the comments and conversations that followed its airing, which leads nicely into the energy of resilience!

I’ll be speaking to components of a resilience model that I have been working on for a number of years – here it is, published for the first time!



Episode 7: My Suicide Note

Sometimes decisions are hard / Sometimes circumstances are hard / Sometimes we are afraid – and this has never been more true in my lifetime – 45% Canadians are anxious… and the number of Canadians contemplating suicide has more than doubled year over year / since COVID.

When you know that you’re already dead – you can start to truly live!

Episode 6: Stupid?

We all feel stupid from time to time – especially in an era of fake news and tinfoil hat conspiracy theories colliding with political agendas – who can really know what is true? Yet, without foundations we are tossed about on the sea of life, at the mercy if the storm. The single most powerful key to personal resilience is…

Episode 5: Hope (in the middle of crazy!)

We can live days without food or water – but we cannot live without hope. How do we experience hope in the middle of crazy? The answer might surprise you!

Episode 4 – Purposed Imperfection

We all struggle with our imperfections – in fact, I wrestled with mine this morning, as I prepared to record this episode oe the Gracenote-EQ podcast!

In this episode, I refer to a song I wrote and recorded on the Open Water album: Snow in Summer. If you’d like to hear it, you can find it on Apple Music, Spotify and Bandcamp — or click below:

Episode 3 – Becoming

If you have ever felt like you “want off the bus”, where a situation in your work feels like it is too much to stay engaged with, here are a few thoughts about how our being + doing = our becoming…and how grace enables us to be resilience and continue to grow.

Episode 2 – Reciprocity (& Circles of Influence)

There may be times in our lives when we feel that we have little or nothing to offer others – but a fresh view of our circle of influence and an understanding of the principle of reciprocity can help us to engage more purposefully, and discover opportunities for impacts – so that all with our circle benefit – including ourselves.

Episode 1 – Pause at Freedom 55

I have been thinking about doing a podcast for a number of years now, and decided to take the plunge. However, the only reason to do a podcast is for it to be helpful to others in content and format.  So, I would be interested to hear any feedback you would have for me.

The idea for these is a simple, short (10 minutes), conversational-tone piece that helps to nurture resilience through the deepening understanding of the unforced rhythms of grace. I plan to do this podcast weekly on Saturday mornings – from my living room chair, staring at the lake in front of our home, like I do most mornings. Peace.

Episode 1: Freedom 55  — Here I talk about one of my favourite habits through a morning’s silence: Pause.
BTW – here’s the view: