Here are a coupe of recent topics to consider:

Creating Collaboratively with Grace

Learn the 3 essential pillars of resilience and about the catalyst that enables them. This presentation speaks to how a 10 song record was created in just 2 months by 20 artists from 13 different countries – all of which was led by an artist emerging from 10 years of musical silence – where trauma, depression and anxiety could have prevailed. The Album, Breathing Again, is a musical expression of a resilience journey — in lyric and melody, but also in the process of its undertaking: as The Creating with Grace Project

Designed to inspire and equip leaders and teams to overcome personal mental health challenges and commit to process with others – while experiencing a higher degree of peace!

For details, email me direct at: david@davidewhite.ca

Corporate Resilience: The Power And Fulfillment Of ONE Team!

There is a proven way to achieve 100% accountability! It functions less as a program and more as a character development process for the whole organization. It feels less like military-style adherence and more as freedom. It turns the paradigms of “greed and fear” / “carrot and stick” on their head and invites the group to experience optimal performance and individual fulfillment, and it harnesses full engagement to do the thing that we set out to do as any group of people.

Designed to inspire and equip leaders to establish, transform or maintain healthy, high performing workplace cultures. Available in keynote, workshop or multi-day retreat format.

For details, email me direct at: david@davidewhite.ca


Resilience at Work: Three values to ensure your ongoing optimal performance!

There is a way to ensure that we stay vitally engaged; a way of living that brings hope for the future and power for the present. The adoption of three practical values, which are easy to remember and apply, can serve to keep us resilient as we face the real struggles and challenges of living and working together. Corporations are comprised of individuals – therefore individual resilience is the foundation for corporate vitality. David can help you and/or your team explore these values and adopt them within your real life situation.

Resilience at Work Logo

Designed to inspire, equip and facilitate individual resilience at work! Available in keynote, work shop or multi-day retreat format.

For details, email me direct at: david@davidewhite.ca


Here’s what you can expect to hear as feedback from my presentations:

“…the speaker evaluations from the conference placed you clearly at the top of the list for presentations that highly impressed the delegates. Great job!

  • Jennie Avram, Avram Events Inc

“…after hearing what David had to share, our people said everyone needs to hear this.”

  • Shannon Herbert, PotashCorp

“…your participation in our values-based leadership panel was superb!”

  • Dr. Marilyn Taylor, Royal Roads University

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