This site is dedicated to the nurturing of leadership resilience – through the unforced rhythms of grace.

I am not here to sell you anything – no book, no keynote, no workshops, facilitation, or coaching. While all of these products and services still exist from my past, my motivation for keeping this website going is simple: It is an open door.

I hold this door open for communication related to resilience and grace: the reciprocal sharing of experiences and learnings – between my desk and yours.

Who am I?

There is more detail on my About Me page, but in short, I am currently a Chief Operations Officer with a private company, and I formerly occupied this website as a keynote speaker, author, columnist, facilitator and coach – specializing in the area of personal and corporate resilience.

Why stay connected?

I am willing to share my experience with anyone who could benefit from it. You may always reach out through my Contact Page and I will ALWAYS reply.

I am also interested in hearing about your experiences and learnings – a mutual sharing in the journey, to leave a trail for others to follow!

Here’s an illustrated outline of what I have found to be helpful in evaluating and establishing resilience:

Here’s How I see Resilience:

Here’s how I see Resilience at Work:


Its about servant leadership and a purpose that connects deeply with our values, leading us to the discovery of meaning and a passion that fuels us and sustains us, and others within our circle of influence.

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Be blessed in deep and abiding peace, through grace!

David E White - Expanding Your Leadership Resilience