Can you relate to any of the statements below?

  1. My emotions sometimes feel extreme and out of control – how do I stop the madness?
  2. I am afraid of missing my calling in life – like I will have wasted my gifts and let others down.
  3. I sometimes wonder if I even matter; why do I need to go on; what difference does it make?
  4. I feel broken – like I just can’t figure out how to get my act together and be “normal” – whatever that is.
  5. I can feel the truth in this: “without hope for the future, there is no power in the present”– but I don’t know how to change.
  6. The thought of living in “unforced rhythms of grace” is attractive to me, but is it even possible?
  7. I can’t relate to these, but I see that many are struggling, and I would like to be equipped to help!

If any of these resonate with you, you’ve come to the right place — a place purposed to explore, encourage and nurture resilience. It’s not so much a commercial place, as I have nothing to sell you. Just a place to share experiences in the hope that you (and I) might develop the ability to persevere, adapt and excel; to be resilient in the face of life’s change, challenge and crisis.

Fresh Insights

I had an epiphany on February 1, 2021. After a dozen years of researching, writing, contracting, facilitating, coaching and speaking about resilience, I am finally coming to better understand WHY I do it. I had thought myself altruistic; I thought I needed to fix things that were wrong in the world and make it a better place — to be selfless in service to others — but as the old adage goes, “…we must become the change that we want to see…”.

Authentically Speaking

At times I find myself reflecting on my seeming lack of resilience. My emotions can get the best of me, and I have found myself afraid of the “darkness” that intrudes. I can be temperamental, followed by self-loathing as I judge my inability to be the steady voice of equanimity that others do actually appreciate in me. I speak of grace, and yet I can be as selfish as anyone when I don’t get my way. So, how is it that an authority on resilience finds himself in a state of rigidity, fragility, vulnerability and/or weakness?

Transformational Discovery

I came across a post on,a website on psychometrics — one of their personality tests happens to be my favourite: the Enneagram. In a post written by Deborah Ward, (author of two books on mindfulness) I found the following statement:

“Fours are naturally creative people because they are absorbing so much information from the world around them. But all that information needs an outlet. Without a way of expressing their thoughts, ideas and feelings that emerge from the constant input of sensory stimulation they receive, Enneagram type 4 can feel frustrated, depressed and stressed.”

I have held a penchant for the creative for many years, but I saw it mostly as a way of pushing back the darkness. I adopted a habit of creativity as a means of occupying my time and to provide a sense of satisfaction in something uniquely (not always “well”) done.  Similar to physical exercise, there has been a benefit in being creative – but this now goes deeper. Rather than creating to defend or distract, creativity becomes the means to process what has been absorbed, to extract meaning from it all, to inspire others, and even to expel toxin!

Your Invitation

You can join me in this resilience journey – and I invite you not as a relationship of teacher and student, but rather human beings reciprocally benefiting from the sharing of experience and encouragement.

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