This website is dedicate to calling, equipping and encouraging leaders with a sense of a mission within the mission they serve. A call to courageously lead in love and support for those they lead, modelling 100% accountability – with grace. This is a call to a selfless servant leadership journey of transcendent impacts in the lives of others…only those who thirst for a deeper purpose need read on.

Exploring and Encouraging Resilience

We are living in a time of exponentially deep challenge and change – life has moved from simple to complicated, to complex! Systems have moved from linear to dynamic – and multi-dimensional!  The pressure is on for you and your team.

This site is dedicated to sharing what I have been discovering about resilience, personally and corporately.

Values-Based Leadership

I wouldn’t know how to lead any other way. I see too many examples of organizations going through crisis and falling from the stars as they either ignore values altogether, or have them hanging on the wall, but never calibrate or align organizational behaviours and decisions with them. Values are the pillars that support the mission and vision. They are the essential element for sustainability of ANY organization, and they facilitate the optimization of performance and fulfillment. Reflect for a brief moment and several organizations will come to mind that cheated on values and are now either gone or remain as only a shadow of their former self.

Its about Corporate Culture…CHARACTER

There has been lots of debate about which trumps which: Strategy or Culture? Some say that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Sounds cool, but what does that mean?

EVERY corporation is composed of individuals; spirit, soul and body human beings. Human beings nurture their character for growth and in the same way the corporation must work to nurture the maturity of its character in order to function optimally.

Its about alignment of mission, vision, values and behaviours – and about deliberately supporting the health of the individual as a subset of the whole.

Let’s speak frankly…

At the core of our struggling organizational resilience is an erosion of individual resilience. There is an inseparable link between the two.

One in five adult Canadians (21.3 percent) will suffer a mental disorder in their lives This figure translates into 4.5 million people. Anxiety disorders and depression are the most common. Approximately 2.5 million Canadian adults or over 10% of the population 18 and older will have a depressive disorder. By 2020, depression will be the leading cause of disability around the world. (Canadian Mental Health Association)

Statistics Canada found that lost productivity from presenteeism was at least 7.5 times greater than productivity loss from absenteeism and that it is estimated that presenteeism costs Canadian businesses 15 to 25 billion dollars per year. Presenteeism occurs when employees are physically present, but due to an unaddressed physical or emotional issue, distracted to the point of reduced productivity.

For an average company of 500 employees, untreated depression alone costs $1.4 million in lost work days and lost productivity annually, and this does not include the costs related to bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders. (Vancouver Board of Trade – “Psychologically Healthy Workplaces: Improving Bottom Line Results and Employee Psychologically Well-Being”) That’s $2800/ year / employee…do the math for your organization. This does not include the soaring legal costs as people leave (sources suggest more than 700% increase over the past 5 years!).

Why are people experiencing anxiety, depression and burnout at work?

I believe that this is a product of our society. Our direct pursuit of happiness suffers from the law of diminishing returns. Selfishness will never reap a reward. We seem to have forgotten that selfless commitment to a cause greater than ourselves – loving relationships and meaningful work – combine to facilitate happiness indirectly. If you are not convinced of this, check out Viktor Frankl’s book Man’s Search for Meaning – a must read for every human being.

Additionally – many of our workplace cultures have become toxic. Many of the behaviours that are commonplace in our workplaces are unnecessarily aggravating mental illness, and it is becoming an exponential problem, and what’s worse is that statistics reveal that the number of people suffering anxiety and depression has doubled in the past 5 years.

Here is a link to fuller list of statistics.

Values-based leadership and healthy corporate culture CHARACTER have never been nice-to-have options – they are essential – and the evidence is clear: we engage deliberately, or ignore the rising tide at our own peril.


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The Solution

There is a way to ensure RESILIENCE for all in the pursuit of the mission, vision, values, practices, protocols and the STRATEGY of your organization – a HEALTHY way…and one that generates a true compounding return on investment! It’s about 100% accountability and GRACE – not a program to run – but rather a way of doing what you do together that nurtures the growth of corporate character and facilitates the resilience of all.

Improve overall strategic performance through better communication, engagement (literally facilitating employee fulfillment) and retention of employees, reduction of legal costs and costs associated with health and insurance benefits – and feel better as a values-based leader…all at the same time. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. It is even logical, and I promise you that this is fully possible.

If you are willing to engage this leadership challenge, I would be honoured to work with you. Check out my blog for tools, stories (and the occasional video) on resilience and leadership. Or drop me a line here and let’s talk.

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