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I understand the personal, professional and organizational resilience needed to live in this time of exponentially deep challenge and change. I’ve worked through challenge, change–even trauma–over my career and life. The benefit? Developing—and learning to nurture—resilience.

David E White

David E White

This is the experience I bring to my consulting, coaching, speaking and writing—transforming challenge into greater clarity of purpose, improved performance and fulfillment.

I have learned the secret to ensuring 100% accountability, and I have created a system that organizations can use to get there!

During my early career I led the growth of a processing company. We grew from six employees to ninety-five while revenues grew over 1000% in eight years. During this time I felt the excitement of rapid growth—but also the painful urgency of downsizing (cutting 40% of your workforce hurts).

Later, I started and led a company incubator as a partnership between government, industry and university. And was introduced to the world of politics in an order of magnitude that was shocking at first.

My next–enormous–challenge was restructuring a company that had been hemorrhaging money over several years. Think complete brand, product, equipment, customer and distribution channel overhaul.

So yes, I know what it is like to struggle with some truly difficult decisions, such as:

  •  Human Resources – Relationships
  • Asset Management – Confidence in direction
  • Direct Reports – Trust
  • Cashflow – Survival

You’re getting the idea by now: challenge, change and resilience is my thing – not only my thing, but my authentic key to surviving and thriving.


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Orphaned at twelve, I know what it is like to struggle to gain mastery over personal confidence, and to feel unequal to the task at hand. And yet do it anyway.

I’d like to bring these lessons—in the form of building personal, professional and organizational resilience—to you. You’ll not only live to tell about it, but you’ll grow stronger because of it.

The call has never been clearer—and the need has never been greater—for resilience. It’s your call.

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