Problems, Perspective, Practice and Grace

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One simple practice that I have been using to regain perspective in the middle of difficult problems.

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Disappointment, Grudges, and Grace

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It’s been well established that holding a grudge against someone will cause more problems for us than the person we are offended with…so why is it so hard to do?

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Don’t Surrender Your Joy

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The title of this post should be enough, and its possible that I will only make it muddy by going any further, but here we go!

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Invested Energy, Impacts and Grace

You may never know it, but someone, somewhere is counting on you.


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The Hero in Your Story is You

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I have several friends that are at the end of a chapter of their life, and as I walk with them, I see them wrestling to establish a new vision for the next chapter. Please Continue Reading …

Coffee, Donuts, Cigars and Grace

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I started a 90-day naturopathic detox and reset program a few weeks back, and can already feel some significant changes occurring in me.  Please Continue Reading …

Overwhelmed by Overwhelming

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Why are we so uncomfortable with stillness?

Actually, I thought that this was my challenge until I looked deeper. I have long-known that I feel better about myself when I am productive, and that I do not enjoy the feeling of an empty calendar. However, stillness is more a posture of the spirit than the body and overwhelm is less about the calendar’s capacity and more about how we are grounded in our true created essence.

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Perspective on Catastrophic Failure

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Our airways are a buzz these days with messages of uncertainty, confusion and pending doom. No wonder that the Canadian Association for Mental Health (CAMH) statistics are reporting a steep decline in mental health (doubling is a significant exponent).

Mental health is a complex issue, but is the solution necessarily complex? Please Continue Reading …

A Meaningful Life

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What constitutes a meaningful life?

There is so much to this question that it leads some people to believe that it was too big to answer. To others it may seem too etherial to worry about. Yet, does it not drive our subconscious to move in the directions we travel, and to translate all of the events of our life? As life circumstances challenge our dreams and aspiration, we benefit from studying this question more deeply.  Please Continue Reading …

Empowered to Finish Strong

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How many times have you started something but then lost the will to continue? It may have been a diet, and exercise routine, or the overall goal to improve your health or curb an addiction. Finding the desire to start is one thing – finding the grace and will to continue is another…but it is possible. Please Continue Reading …