We’ve finally come to the place of thinking that a healthy work culture would be a good idea. Maybe it took a while to warm up to the fact, but as we ponder the benefits of teams working with trust and respect, producing significant and sustainable impacts on the bottom line, we lean in.

We start by creating a clear vision. Good stuff.
We communicate it…or better yet, you used  a collaborative process to develop and then articulate it. Excellent!
But…now the hard work sets in. Is this a “program”, or is this the new “way we do things around here”?


Great culture is birthed in philosophy, but matured in practice…and there are a few kill zones along the way:
1. The leader stops consistently speaking, modeling and holding them self accountable. (eminent death to cultural transformation)
2. Employees are not support and equipped for change. Death.
3. Progress is not measured and celebrated…death.

Given that relationships are an integral / unavoidable component of team…the work is personal and vulnerable. We end up being forced through minefields of our own personal baggage to conquer the new ground.

We can pull back and determine that the “new way” is too much work. In reality, the new way is the only way…we must come to see this so that we have the conviction that there is no other way to sustainable impact than to continue on through the uncertain valley of Process.