“You can be anything…” Hogwash!

We’re coming around the corner on yet another calendar year, and many will be setting goals for the next. This is a great time of year to reflect on where we are in relation to where we would like to be in life, and adjustments are important calibrations in the journey.


Feet_8078mPhoto credit: Doug Bisson – doug.bisson@icloud.com

“You can be anything you want to be in life if you want it bad enough and work hard enough”.

I did not hear this statement from my parents, but it seems to be a popular expression for parents of this generation. There are two major flaws with this statement, which warrant consideration as we make adjustments in our journey, and speak into the lives of others. First, it is not true. Second, it may be counterproductive. Though it may be expressed as pure loving sentiment, it holds the potential to lead us away from success and happiness. Let me explain. Please Continue Reading …