12 Years a Slave; How slavery brought freedom to Solomon Northrup

Do you remember the day that you filled out your life creation requisition form? You know the one: I requested to be born in Canada, white, male with DNA that would produce a 6’1” stature at 185 pounds (someone screwed that up though – I don’t know where the extra 30 pounds came from!)

Broken Chain

Of course, this never happened for me, or for you. I’ve been reminded of the importance of keeping this truth in perspective when confronting the challenge of life and work: We had no control over our life at the beginning. Along with this truth is another: we have no control over our eventual death either. I wonder, given that we have no control over either of these significant circumstances of our life, why  Please Continue Reading …

Paradigm challenge: Suffering is good?

Enroute to a deeper exploration of the connection between why we live and what we do, I have a slightly different approach to this week’s blog post!

birch firewood

I have inserted a few Viktor Frankl (Man’s Search for Meaning) quotes below, and I invite your perspective on what they do for you. Leading off, here’s a tough one: Please Continue Reading …