Resilience…as a process

Published in SaskBusiness, December 2012…

It is well known that organizations need to be healthy in three key areas: resources (skills and tools), systems (processes and procedures), and culture (values, behaviors and practices).

It is logical that those who tend to their culture through nurturing practices benefit from having engaged employees. A healthy culture provides a platform in which individuals’ creativity and energy can flow freely. This enables the development of cultivated relationships from which synergy can arise…a synergy that in turn brings forth innovations, which infuse all the key areas mentioned above.

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If synergy is so logical and beneficial, why do so few achieve it? I am coming to believe that it is simple: it takes work. However, simple is not to be confused with “easy”, for we humans are complex creatures. Still, whatever our mission, we will accomplish it with greater impact, sustainability…and ease, when  Please Continue Reading …


Here’s another excerpt from my soon to be published e-book titled: “Resilience; How Culture Impacted the Rebirth of Ford Motor Company”.

I confess that I don’t like conflict. In fact I once received a “B” grade for a paper I handed in on the subject of partnerships. While my professor affirmed my emphasis on unity within diversity, and the facilitation and articulation of common and inspirational vision, he also exhorted me for my lack of detail in the area of conflict resolution.

I further confess that I deliberately did not speak to the issue of conflict resolution. I have been involved in conflicted partnerships in the past and did not enjoy the experience. Maybe I was subconsciously hoping for an endorsement of a protocol that could operate sans conflict resolution.

I have since come to admit that conflict is unavoidable. Period. Every relationship will  Please Continue Reading …