12 more sleeps

12 more sleeps until Christmas!

When I was a kid, this would have been huge as I anticipated the gift I would receive. As an adult, it is more exciting as I anticipate the response to the gift I will give.

I find Christmas to be a season of hope. It took some adjusting to get back to this…as previous years were chaotic. Karen and I decided to not engage in the craziness of the season last year, and we enjoyed it! We are doing the same thing this year, and so far so good!

We watch the news as we workout in the mornings, and it would be easy to lose hope in humanity if this was all we took in. Gang violence in an upper middle class neighbourhood was the main headline this morning. The cause? People locked in a lifestyle of arrogance, self-indulgence and indifference; more focused on what they can get…not at all on what they could give.

All hope is not lost though. Christmas reminds us of the ultimate gift of Christ. Selfless in love. We see a spike in people’s interest in others at Christmas, even through the materialistic consumerism.

So…where are you? With 12 more sleeps until Christmas, are you managing the crazies, or are you able to spend some time giving into the lives of those around you? Are you focused on what you can get, or have you embraced the spirit of giving. What are you giving? Who are you giving to? Who is in your circle of influence? All of us have people in our lives that we can influence: family, friends, colleagues…community.

If you manage employees, have you given them more hope? Sometimes all that is needed for hope is acknowledgment. That the work they do throughout the year is making a difference. That they are not anonymous. Simple.

Will you take the time?

Be blessed in peace and hope as you celebrate Christmas this season.