Inspirational Conversations

I had the privilege of interviewing W. Brett Wilson (Formerly of Dragons’ Den) this past week for an article on entrepreneurship, which will run in the July/August publication of SaskBusiness Magazine. Through my research preparation for the interview I had developed a high level of resonance with Brett’s perspective of business, and I came to a place of expecting a great interview. I was hoping to meet a guy that demonstrated congruency of honesty and integrity throughout the various areas of his life…I was not disappointed.

Brett lives entrepreneurship, but he also seems to have learned key lessons of balance, priority and principle through the battles of business and life. His confidence is obvious, but not as arrogance…just a steadfast tenacity / determination to thrive. Further to this, the thriving seems to be for the purpose of making the world a better place for others to achieve their dreams.

This is often cliche, or worse yet, emotionally marketable sentiment for personal gain alone. However, I did not find this in Brett. He constantly returned to the principle of entrepreneurial philanthropy…wherein the focus is benefiting the lives of others, and profit is simply a means to that end.

I came away from the interview with something I did not expect. Similar to the biblical metaphor of “iron sharpens iron”, I found myself sharpened by Brett’s words, moving me toward an enhanced appetite for growth.

If you know me, you know I constantly desire to constantly grow (can I say “constantly” enough?) – it’s a passionate burning for exponential transformation in myself and in others…but I only get to directly effect my own. I can inspire transformation in others…and that is what W. Brett Wilson, aka Dragon with a Heart, accomplished through this interview…a heightened desire for deeper transformation within me.

Where are you influencing/inspiring others? Who is influencing/inspiring you?