A personal moment…

The sun is just now cresting the horizon as another day begins. The trees on the hill across the lake look like rending of modern art; stark black contrast with the hot orange fireball reflection of sunlight in the clouds beyond. The house is peaceful, the air outside my window still.

It is a new day, and once again I breathe.

I do not know exactly what today will bring…who of us does? The phone can ring and lead me to elation or frustration, hope or fear…I will not get to choose my circumstance.

BUT, I have this moment. A peaceful moment; a moment of beauty and of inspirational reflection. I did not orchestrate the moment. I did not purchase the moment. It arrived without invitation, but I noticed it, and I captured it. It is mine to hold…and it is free.

I don’t know what you are facing. Neither of us knows what your day will bring, but let me encourage you to look for the moment, and to capture it, for it is life.