Amanda Todd

I am a bit numb…not sure what to say after watching Amanda Todd’s video on Youtube…How does it come to this? How is it that a culture can produce so much arrogance, self-indulgence and indifference that this kind of thing can happen?

I say arrogance, for we have children growing up under our leadership that seem to carry an elitist attitude of condescension toward others. I have been told by experts in the filed of social work and policing that this often stems from their individual feelings of insecurity and lack of power. In other words the perpetrator actually feels powerless, and discovers power in bullying. Where does this come from and what can be done to change it?

I say self-indulgence, for it seems that we have a generation of adults who seem to be so preoccupied with our own dreams that we are relatively unaware of what is happening in the lives of our children.

I say indifference…for though many have seen the video, and many seem to wholeheartedly support any action for justice – even vengeance – I wonder how many will take any action for change…???

I don’t have a pile of answers to offer…sadly, I wish I did. I do note that I cannot simply watch a young girl stand in front of a video camera with cure-card statements of loneliness, rejection and longing for friendship…and then do nothing.

My children are grown and gone from home…but I can stay connected.

Children of friends are younger…I can engage in their life, show support and let them know that they are loved…treasured even.

I can impact those who enter my circle of influence…even enlarge the circle a bit…or I can stay engaged in “my” personal pursuits, in ignorance to the plight of others. Is that what success is?

Who is in your circle? Who needs to know that they are lived?