An Authentic Voice

What is resilience if it is not peace? What would it benefit anyone to be strong in the face of change, challenge or crisis, if they could not find peace within?

Some Creative Therapy

Some Creative Therapy

I have often been told that I have lived a life full of variety. Many seasons of diverse creative exploration and expression. During one of these seasons (10 years) I wrote and recorded several CD’s of original music. It’s not so much that I thought I was a great musician – in fact, I have been mostly apologetic about my musical ability. At the core, I just felt I had something I needed to say.

Interestingly, each of my recordings have sounded very different. In musical terms, I was looking for my authentic voice. I tried to follow the advice that people gave me, and underneath it all I was trying to write in ways that might capture the attention of an audience and trying to expand a market. Maybe too much. What does an authentic voice sound like? It seems like it should be easier than it was through my experience.

This fact has come to mean more to me metaphorically – far beyond the music. Something is changing in me. I believe it is significant, and that it might be a huge factor in my personal (and corporate effort) resilience.

If I speak to the wind, alone,  am I authentic; is my message any less important if it is only my heart that hears it? My heart needs to hear the message of resilience, just as your’s does. If I speak to mine in ways that are real for me, in my current daily change, challenge or crisis, maybe this will serve you better as well.

So – realizing this, I feel like I owe you an apology. It is possible that in trying to write for a wider audience and build a market as a writer and speaker that I have been missing an important part of living in community: just the raw and honest sharing of lessons learned, and listening to the same coming from others.

I don’t consider myself to be a thought leader. I actually don’t think there is much in the way of new thought under the sun. The thought leader title is marketing spin – whoopee do. More important is our mutual encouragement of each other in the midst of the challenges we face. A good friend at the right moment is priceless – no title needed for that…and in fact, titles mostly just serve to distance us from the ones that need us.

I was contemplating the establishment of a new blog with a new stream of thought; more personal and connectable. I have decided, in this moment, that I will continue with what I have, but let go of the market growth mindset in favour of a more authentic voice – in the hope that it will work better for me in the encouragement of my own heart – and maybe yours as well.

Be blessed in peace.