Balanced Scorecard – TBL

The concept of TBL (triple bottom line) has been with us for a while now: people, planet and profits.

It is easiest to run a company with a focus on the bottom line. In fact, this is where most companies have focused in the past. The kicker is that no organization is sustainable if the planet is ignored…no planet, no company…go figure.

Ultimately, nothing happens without people. The health of the people becomes the health of the organization, for every “in-corporate” is merely a collection of individuals.

Broken down like this, it should be easy to see that we need to care about whether or not our people have an articulated connection between who they are,  and what they do, and that this would lead them to a greater sense of fulfillment and healthy satisfaction.

We have long accepted that the “speed of the leader dictates the speed of the team”. We invest heavily in leadership, and generally accept that people will do about “half” of what the leader does. Why?

Does only the leader have the right to fulfillment?

The leader is only “one”…what would happen if the multitude behind him or her was to be empowered from “half” to something more than half? What could be the corresponding impact on our organizations…our profits…our planet?