Brief Reminder to Change the World!

I have been reflecting on the last post I entered and my personal opportunities to make the world a better place, so I decided to add this short mid-week post for your consideration.


We have a bird feeder mounted just outside our dining room window. We enjoy watching the birds come and go, especially the chickadees – with their courage to brave Canadian winters. Having said this, it is likely that 90% of the bird seed goes to the sparrows. (This significantly grates on my wife, who feels that the sparrows bully the chickadees out of their ration). We also have a few finches stop by, but not this time of year, and much more rarely than the sparrow, of course.

The common sparrow is an ordinary thing. Various internet pages describe them as small, plump, brown-grey, or chunkier with larger round heads…hardly the descriptions of elegance or distinction – and yet I find them miraculous. They too brave the Canadian winters, and they fly in spite of their less than aerodynamic shape. In fact, lets cut to the chase: If they are so ordinary on non-miraculous, try making one!

Quick to the point: Many of us are sparrows. We are the common. We lack the refined distinction of the finch, but we are miraculous nonetheless! So…have you yet to rise from your desk and affirm a coworker, waiting for something more miraculous or noteworthy to come along?