Challenge: good or bad?

You have probably thought of this before…but maybe, like me, you need a reminder once in a while. So to that end…here’s a thought:

Sometimes it is very hard to get up in the morning and work-out / ride bike / run treadmill, etc. The kicker is that growth only happens with challenge. As I follow through with challenge, I experience growth…and therefore also change. Therefore challenge always brings change, and if we want to experience change or growth, we must overcome challenge.If we do not engage the challenge…but rather roll-over and go back to sleep, we are in danger of deteriorating physically.

The same is true for our mental, spiritual, and emotional life. We must engage the challenge to grow or change. In this context, growth and change are positives…then so too is challenge. Some how knowing this lifts my spirit when I am facing it.

Organizational life is full of challenge, and by engaging the challenge, organizations can grow. However it must also be true that a much deeper growth is accomplished within the people in the organization…within you. Are YOU up for it?