Challenge Values

I know that I need to value fitness. In some regards I do, for I try to maintain healthy eating habits, and get myself out for 2 or 3 hikes a week during winter…road biking in summer is easier for me.

There is a tension that comes with holding a value wherein, when we reflect on our behaviors, we can detect incongruence. We can know that it is a necessary value for sustainability (exercise keeps a heart healthy) and high performance (exercise keeps energy capacity up)…but yet we can see times when we are not behaving as if we “value” the value at all.

This is a challenge value. We need to hold challenge values at times. They bring us to a better place. If we release a value of this nature, we must also assume that we are resigning ourselves to something lesser…which is a sort of self defeat.

With exercise, every time you re-start an activity, you win. Maybe we can begin to look at one day at a time…some manageable steps forward in a sustainable fashion. You don’t need to be a high performance athlete by week’s end…nor ever. Eat healthy (er)…raise your heart rate into a cardio zone (more)…these are the steps to living in congruence with a challenge value…new habits.

What challenge values have you released personally? Corporately? Where have you resigned to a sort of self defeat?

What step could you take right now to begin to come back to congruence?