Character & Courage

Leadership is not defined by the position we hold. We all lead others, for someone is always watching us. We lead people to make decisions in or out of alignment with what we are doing by what they observe in us.

Leadership is also not defined by how many are following; everyone is a leader at the core, for each of us must lead our “self”. In a way then, we lead each other within “an influence relationship”. Some are leaders and some are active followers. An active follower is a leader as well.

If we are all leaders of some magnitude, then all of us must examine our values for sustainability and impact.

What are the solid character traits that we need to develop over this next year?

What path will we choose to grow these traits so that we can be our best for all of those who are part of this influence relationship?

I don’t always understand my own heart in relation to the personal values I breach from time to time. I do know that not one of us is perfect, and to expect perfect behavior of anyone is lunacy. However, character owns its responsibility with courage.