Communication…Developing the Will to Understand

Communication between two people, departments, companies, stakeholders…is always a challenge. (maybe even solo…as I think my multiple personalities have trouble communicating within my singular being!)


Well, there are the many varied components, such as sender, receiver, message and mode of transmission. Then there are the mystical factors…such as the condition of the sender’s heart, the condition of the receiver’s heart, and the tone of delivery.

Then there is the issue of language, interpretation, clarity and interference or distraction.

It’s just plain amazing to me that we ever effectively communicate!

One issue that would free up a whole bunch of capacity for more effective communication is that of the “will”. The will can’t really be managed through a protocol, or better facilitated through a mode or structure of message transfer…it remains a choice of both sender and receiver. Both sender and receiver have to determine that they will commit to the hard work of communicating, and through this commitment, to deal with the varied aspects of communication in positive and constructive fashion.

Above all, communication should produce understanding. If the sender wants to be understood, the will directs in a fashion that is committed to understanding…not just dictation. If the receiver wants to understand, they may also “pull” the necessary information through inquiry.

The will is a heart issue.