Creating (Collaboratively) with Grace – Update 6

Photo Credit: Aleena_Rahman (Fiverr)

When I first began to work on the music album Breathing Again, I had set a goal to create with grace – this was specifically to focus on overcoming my own fears of re-entering music. I could never have imagined where this trail would lead!

Twenty (20) artists from thirteen (13) countries to create 11 songs of original music.  Their common connection is to me, but in another way they are inextricably connected with all others as a truly collaborative project. I never dictated exactly what they were to do, I only gave suggestions and let the individual artist engage with their style – which means I have had to set aside some of the specific visualizations in deference to whatever was ultimately created. I believe that the end result was “net gain” – meaning: the album has become something better than I imagined.

Have you ever tried to create something with someone when they have dictated every aspect and left you no room for your own expression? Did you find it frustrating? Was it hard to breathe?

Grace enables creativity. I knew this before I started this project, and I am experiencing it personally/presently in grand fashion! Here, reciprocity emerges again. I breathe easier through grace, and so do those I am collaborating with.  I believe that he this principle can be applied to situations at work, or friendships and even families. No matter the circumstance – people will find it easier to breathe through grace. I am excited to be helping 2 young artists establish their online design business through Fiverr. The possibilities seem endless! (Note to self: I might have been a better father, had I known this when I was younger!