Creating with Grace Project – Update 2

“Have you ever been there? Have you ever felt yourself longing to create; to bring something uniquely inspiring and encouraging into the world, while you are held back by fear? Grace enables us to overcome fear; it holds open a safe space for us to “be”. Grace enables works to be created that touch others at a deeper level. Grace enables capacity in the midst of creation, as the creator’s heart can find peace in the outcome — to grow unto fulfillment. Grace for self, others and life. Grace for what arrives and what becomes of our effort. Grace for our decisions and those of others. Grace offers us the opportunity to recover, to stop holding our breath and start Breathing Again.”

One piece of evidence, as to the power of grace, is coming from my wife. Karen tells me that she is enjoying “this version of David” – as she is watching the fear recede and the joy and peace emerge. I still face some fears in the process, but I an practicing what I preach and letting grace be the answer to all the questions. Will people like the music? Will they like it enough to buy it? Will I sell enough albums to support an cost-effective (even minimum) order? Will it generate more than a paltry donation for the cause? Will I have just embarrassed myself? Will I enjoy the outcome and be abe to listen to it for very long? Will it make any difference at all? Is it worth the time, effort and expense, or should I have just upgraded my sailboat? 🙂

The answer to all of these questions is “grace”. Breathe, write, breathe, sing, breathe, record, breathe, promote…etc. The benefit is being worked IN me as I continue, and my hope is that it will also be worked THROUGH me as you read this post, and./or listen to the music.  I responded to Karen’s comment with, “I never want to go back to silence” — I want to continue to be creative in and through music, at whatever level of interest it generates outside of me. It’s important to me. It’s like…breathing again.

I am excited to announce that $30 from every $40 sale of the limited production 12 inch vinyl record will be donated to the Saskatchewan Police Memorial Ride to Remember. I am honoured to be able to do this. Truly!

When I try to imagine the world as it might be without the members of our police service showing up for work each day, it gives me chills. In fact, the scene that comes first to mind is from the Lord of the Rings, where the Orcs are fighting over the halflings, and tearing each other apart, all while yelling, “meat’s back on the menu!” Make no mistake, there is no honour or restraint among evil.  (you can view a 55 second clip of the scene here: Meat’s Back on the Menu)

I hope that you will enjoy the album, and I hope that you will find the cause worthy as I do – and in the process, through to the outcome: grace.

Here’s another sample of what is coming: I Hold On!