Creating with Grace Project – Update 3

I have come to experience something unique and unexpected since beginning the Breathing Again album recording project. While my goal has been to experience the work of grace in and through me in the project, my expectation was smaller than what is actually occurring: incremental transformation through collaboration – a team of people unknown to each other prior to the start of the project is contributing to growth in and through the connection.

The expanse of the collaboration is mind-boggling to me. The list is lengthy — and growing.  There have been no less than 18 artists making their contributions from around the world:  Australia, France, Netherlands, Russia, Bulgaria, Italy, Pakistan, Serbia, USA, Greece, and of course, my Saskatoon, Canada. This will be a 10-song album, but it is also going to have a bonus MP3 track. A song that I recorded 20 years ago (Let it Rain) is getting revived and refreshed – an unexpected bonus, made possible through collaborative vision!

Also unexpected – I am finding joy as a producer. Most of my previous music production was guided by skilled producers, but in their process I am much more active in the direct shaping of each song as producer. But it’s not just about the song – it’s also about the artist. I’ve always enjoyed affirming artists in their craft. I have many pieces of art around the house, which I bought simply because I had met the artist, and I could not walk away without buying (the same applies to girl guide cookies – though I think that’s possibly another matter). Producing the song gives me the opportunity to encourage the artist.

I have had several of the artists write me to say that they appreciate the way that I am handling the relationship. One that stands out as a summary example is this response:

“…You are the very first client with whom I’m working without any pressure or nervousness, and I’m really enjoying it…”

It seems logical to me that people need to know they are safe before they can fully engage with maximum creative focus and energy. Fear kills this. Grace lets others breathe as well.

So – how am I engaging the artists?  I’m practicing #gracenoteliving — an allegory that reminds me of the transcendence of life; the larger story – and it grounds me when I come back to it. Yes, it’s a bit complex – but so is life – and also beautifully freeing!


An authentic embellishment with freedom to BE…without responsibility for the whole.

The whole of the universe exists as one song; the original creation of the Composer
from alpha to omega.The orchestration of this universe is vast diversity;
transcendent,  yet inextricably connected, each part bound to trust.

Harmony swells to crescendo as each solitary voice merges;
heeding the key note, the root.

Diverse in unity; provocative textures, breath strings,
courageous, tantalizing and intimate.

Within this multidimensional tapestry, enters the gracenote.
It is of seemingly muted significance; brief and delicate, yet intentional
as ornamental addition; the extra in ordinary.

The Gracenote never stands alone, but is rather always
connected to another as acciaccatura; an affective dissonance;
beauty as purposed imperfection
with freedom though grace.



I’m thoroughly enjoying my return to the art of music – and the fertile soil for creative expression that it provides –
and also the opportunity to live out my deep value for encouragement in and through the process – so good!