Creating with Grace – Update 5

It’s a bit surreal. It’s hard to comprehend all that has happened in such a short time frame. Over the past 10-year period, I have been musically silent. It was a painful season. I couldn’t write, play or sing – I didn’t even listen to others much. This decade-season stands in stark contrast with with 40+ pervious years of music love…but this current season has been a wilder one yet.


  1. 30 Songs written and/or recorded since April 2nd – approximately 2 months.
  2. I struggled with pitch and vocal control at first…now sing more powerfully than ever.
  3. 10 Songs selected for a vinyl record.
  4. 20 artists from 12 countries involved in the recording project – unknown to each other.
  5. The most diverse and eclectic mix of instruments I have used on an album – with amazing results.
  6. Self-produced – which, if you have followed the blog to date, challenges insecurities a bit.
  7. All recording completed as of Monday, June 15.
  8. Final mix/master in process.
  9. Video planned and scheduled to begin next week – in support of the Ride to Remember single.
  10. Partnerships forming provincially and nationally…

Just a few highlights – and all of these have me in awe, but none so much as the overall timing of the project. How could I have known what would be coming in relation to anti-police sentiment as I began to record? This I chalk up to providence. I could never have predicted, nor controlled…if you hold to the philosophy of a Creator – then you understand that when things are beyond us, there is only one possible source of provision – whether you call it the “Universe”, or “God”.

I am excited by the possibilities; the opportunities to encourage through this project – AND – I am excited by what I have learned – the lessons of Grace.

With each challenge to creativity, self-esteem, confidence, direction etc – the answer has been grace – and I can’t imagine a situation where grace cannot be equally powerful. If you would like to explore the possibilities for grace to impact you and/or your workplace, I invite you to conversation – just email me.