Does the World Need Another Book?

I wrestled with this question for a while. Funny thing though…I started wrestling with it two years into the writing!

There are books everywhere. EVERYWHERE! On every imaginable topic, and from every conceivable perspective, in numerous languages, sizes, etc, etc…likely too numerous to count. What could possibly be so important to say…what has not already been said?

As I ponder the answer to this issue, I come up with a feeling that the writing is as important as the reading. When we take the time to process our thoughts in written form, concise articulation forces clarity. Clarity forces us to discover the truth about the issue at a much deeper level than casual reflection.

So…to sum up: I benefit from the writing…maybe more than you do / will from the reading. Sorry about that!

Next…what do I know about the subject of “Optimal: The Journey to Fit and Fulfillment in Life and Vocation”? Have I discovered my fit? (I think so…) Am I fulfilled? Is anyone?

FULL-FILL-ment implies completion, and we won’t really attain it with finality until “it’s” all over.

So, to sum up: fulfillment is a process of being fully filled. I (as with you) am in the process of being filled.

Maybe the real question is, “Is anyone going to want to buy another book?”

Why not? People buy books all the time! ๐Ÿ™‚

But seriously…To write openly and vulnerably, sharing real life experiences from one’s purposeful journey to fulfillment takes some courage. The book is off to the editor, which is the process that happens just before re-writing! ๐Ÿ™‚

If all goes well, it will be available in the next few months. I’ll post some excerpts for you over the next few weeks. Be blessed.