Hello world 2!

Many companies will tell me that they have a mission statement. A few of them can quote it; a few can measure activity against it.
Where would you be corporately or personally in relation to the use of a mission statement? Do you have one? Can you recite it? Is it wall art?  Much more importantly: is it measureable, compelling to others, and inspiring for you and the people you work with? Inspiration generates commitment, innovation and courage!

If you have one, pull it out and put it to the test. If it does not meet the criteria about…get a new one! Using an ineffective mission statement (personally or corporately) is like walking through a wilderness with a busted compass!

Worse yet, not only will you be lost, taking random side trail excursions and depleting your resources along the way, but the people that follow you will soon lose patience and give up hope that you have any idea as to where you are going, or where you are leading them.

David E White
Performance Coach