How much Commitment is Commitment?

You likely know the metaphoric joke on commitment, as to how the chicken contributed to breakfast in providing the egg…but the pig was committed in providing the bacon…

Full commitment is like being dead. Dead to anything else but the object of your commitment.

This is a tough posture to have peace in…until you are fully dead…not just mostly dead.

I feel like I am committed to the cause, or a relationship…and then I notice stuff start to rise up in me…usually pride or fear. Then before long I start to hear the voice of justification or rationalization begin to water down my need for commitment…or possibly even suggesting that it is not wise or worthwhile to be committed.

So how much commitment is commitment?

I think I either am, or I am not. In the words of master Jedi Yoda, “Do or do not… there is no try.”

Commit, or commit not…there is nothing in between.