Mission, Vision and Values Practice

Sub-Title: Christmas…a Mission Gone Bad!

Okay…a little fun exercise to deepen the understanding and application of mission, vision and values…while celebrating Christmas with the in-laws!

  1. Mission: Celebrate the Birth of Christ (if you don’t think of it this way, sub in “generous giving” and carry on)
  2. Vision: Peace of Earth (according to most the Christmas songs)

Now, we mostly assume both of these, and do not actually articulate them (problem #1)…and further more, we don’t actually think of our values, or do a personal SWOT analysis or strategic plan for our Christmas-In-law experience.

Here’s a common Christmas experience:

Overworked and over-committed schedules leave us worn down entering the holiday, while
memories of last years in-law conversations build expectations for disaster this year.

We eat way too much, engage in far too many hours of trivial conversation (with no reserve left in our “tanks”)…and we insist on shuttling our physically, emotionally and spiritually drained shells all over creation.

December 27th Results? Plug yours in here…

How could we turn this around??

Mission: Same
Vision: let’s settle for a positive memory with the in-laws

And, lets add a set of core, rank-ordered VALUES:

  1. Hope – that I will find the strength to be what I need to be in the pursuit of my mission (from outside myself!)
  2. Rest – I will equip myself for the mission by ensuring full “tanks”
  3. Planning – I will prepare well for the mission, working with my resources (personality, environment, etc) and build a plan that allows me to thrive, not just survive!
  4. Courage – I will engage my “domain” with strength in love and confidence, with my eye held steadfast n the vision of positive experience / memory!
  5. Calibration – I will revisit my plan often throughout the pursuit of my mission to ensure that I stay engaged in the journey!

Give it a whirl…and let me know how it goes!