Optimal (book excerpt): Passion

During the last blog I wrote about my mountain challenge. What mountains are you facing right now? Maybe you have a sense of exhilaration, as you race the downhill slope. On the other hand, maybe you have a feeling of being overwhelmed by the steep grade you see before you. We all face various mountains in the seasons of our life and vocation: financial challenges, relational challenges, market challenges, health, and more…

Here is a piece from my upcoming book for a bit of perspective. I try to remind myself of this often:

What if we were to rise each day and instantly recognize the miracle of the gift of life? What if we truly understood the link between what we do day to day and who we are? What if we were to become devoted to making the most of every day? If there were clarity of purpose, values, vision and mission, how would this impact our passion? What kind of impacts could we have? If our lives were daily calibrated within the context of creation, and we lived with “nothing to hide, nothing to prove, and nothing to lose”, would we experience fulfillment?

Passion is the link between Purpose and Performance: The clearer the purpose, the greater the potential for passion; the greater the passion, the more positively impacting the performance.

We can become consumed by numerous passions in life, and many of them can be very destructive. Unbridled passion, lacking clarity of purpose, can lead to danger and regret. However, purposeful passion is a requirement for a fulfilling life. Passion is fuel for commitment and perseverance.