Partnership – Standing for each other’s success

I read somewhere that every employee has the right / need to know whether their leadership is for them, against them, or for themselves.

We all wrestle with our motives at times, consciously and sub-consciously. It is difficult to understand our “shadow mission” (a whole of the blog topic), whether we are truly for others, or simply for ourselves, and hoping that others will help us get to wherever we want to go.

Imagine a team where everyone is simply there for their own agenda. Engaged in their, sure…but for the ultimate end of furthering their self…all straining to gain one more wrung on the corporate ladder…one more digit in the personal bank account.

Now imagine a team where people give selflessly to help others, as together their work within one mission, and toward one vision. No one gets left behind. No one is ignored to be overwhelmed. You never hear “that’s not my job”, for their is a fluidity to ensure that as ground is covered.

Which team would you rather be a part of? Which team would you like to create?

Partnership…each person doing their PART in the same SHIP…together…one mission…one vision…one team. Imagine a SHIP, where people were rowing in different directions!

Partnership…are you standing for the success of others within your ONE mission?