People are crazy

People are crazy. I’m not talking about the clinically diagnosed, needs to be in a rubber room crazy – I am referring to the every day encounter of crazy. Over-dramatic, over-entitled, irrational, take-no-ownership for anything and blame others for everything crazy.


You might be compassionate for a while and even try to extend grace, patience, a listening ear and an open heart. You might be an idealist, bleeding out your time and resources to make the world a better place – trying to help people that don’t seem to want the help.

People are crazy. The more you give the more they take, and the less they remember of any of it! Sometimes it can feel that no matter what you try to do with or for them, you can’t see progress – and worse yet, you may even find yourself in the place of being accused and/or branded as the villain!

So, why persist? Why bother to continue to work toward something better on behalf of others if this is the way it plays out?

People are crazy, and life can be crazy-making. Heck, I am crazy somedays too – after all, I am still a “people”. We continue to work toward something better – to extend grace, patience, a listening ear and an open heart because we need it. We all need it. Imagine a world without it!

Something I have found helpful related to this is to find one person who appreciates what I do, and to remember this person’s face as I contemplate throwing in the towel. On better days, I recall that I do what I do as it flows out of who I am, and who I want to be. I try to remember that I am worth the extra effort.

If you have had enough of crazy people, cut yourself some slack, breathe deep and keep going…we need you.