Personal Calibration Time

Think of a career highlight, and mostly likely you will be thinking of a time when you were confident, a time when you could envision commitment…and when courage came easy.

No one goes to work to mess it all up and fail. No one goes to work with the intention of being miserable…it just kinda creeps in over time. When we lose our personal sense of purpose, and have no idea as to how what we do makes any difference, how can we be fulfilled? When we betray the values, personally or corporately, that support our personal purpose or vocational mission, how can our actions serve to fulfill?

I wish that I could tell you that upholding values is easy…in truth it is not. It takes firm conviction and resolution and discipline…and often even hope, for in so many situations we are dependent. This is the process of calibration…to return to the truth. To see the reality of our circumstance, to know the cost, to carry the pain if necessary…but to cling to our values, and direct our decision-making toward the fulfillment of our purpose and mission.

How many ways can we be led to compromise our values and blow up our mission and purpose? They are numerous…loneliness, arrogance, laziness, ignorance, anger, insecurity, fear, addiction, lust, greed, hurt, fatigue…and more…and we are often too weak or blind to carry resolve, or to make the needed change.

We need each other in this…to see what we do not see…to be the best we can be.

Have you defined your personal purpose and values, your vocation mission & values?

Are you living in congruence?

What are you wrestling with right now?

Do you have anyone walking with you?