Resilient Foundations Present-ed

Some two thousand years ago, an event occurred that has profoundly changed the world, the effects of which continue to be felt by us ever since.


No matter what we believe about life, religion, faith or creation, we have to acknowledge that the birth of Jesus Christ has impacted.

It is a new season for us here at the White house. It is the first year of celebrating Christmas (in 31 years) where our kids will not be here with us to exchange presents on Christmas morning. We celebrated together the weekend before Christmas day, exchanging gifts, and enjoying our time together – enriched slightly by special meals, drinks and baking. Now, with Christmas Day on the way, we note the difference. The house is quiet and just two of us remain to experience the day together, with just one present each to exchange (we tend to keep it simple). It feels different.

In a similar way, the impact of Christ will be felt by each of us in different ways, largely relative to our experiences to date. The kicker is that our experiences may or may not have served us very well in the discovery of who Jesus truly was and what his life presents for us.

He was who he said he was, or he was not. If he was not, there is no value in Christmas beyond what we make of it. If he was…well that is another whole matter, and I propose that it would be the most profound foundation for resilience available to any. To this end, we are all on a journey of discovery of new.

Through this brief post, I wish you well in this journey. I pray that you will discover deeper foundations of resilience – especially of those presented some two thousand years ago.