See the One

“If I see the mass, I can never act…if I see one, I can.” Mother Teresa

I have wrestled a bit of late with my world view. I think I can relate to the age old proverb of “Vanity, all is vanity…” I have engaged my employment in an area that seeks to make the world a better place…to help people in organizations discover unity in diversity and fulfillment…but I keep running into the human condition…in myself and others…for though we humans strive for cooperation, love and selflessness, much of the human condition is characterized by competition, aggression and selfishness.

When vision falters, so too does passion and discipline. During seasons like this in the past, I generally have tended to turn to solitude, reading, deep conversation to recalibrate/refocus. Over the years I have noted that we all share many of the same hopes and fears. For example, over the past few months we have celebrated a marriage, a birth, a graduation, and many achievements…we have also mourned death, consoled after abuse, feared disease, and wondered about uncertainty.

We need each other. Its that simple. “Each” is “One”. As long as I am preoccupied with self, or impacting the masses, I may miss the “One”. This expression “See the One” is capturing my imagination. Is it possible that this simple phrase could serve to remind each of us to be aware of others? What if it were engraved on a wristband similar to the “Livestrong” yellow bands of Lance Armstrong. What if instead of a “livestrong” message, people were reminded to simply look outside of themselves to be aware of the “One”…each individual that journeys in and out of their sphere of influence? What could be the impact?

I think I can see something in this…but do you? Let me know if it resonates…