Strategic Error: Lost ID (law of origins)

So, you are up and running, and business (busy-ness) is calling you forward. Things have turned out a bit different from what you thought, and so you have had to adapt…several times actually. Your calendar is full of scheduled activity, and there are many fires burning, all of which demand your time and attention. There is no time to be idle, no time to pause, no time to reflect…no time to calibrate.

Organizational Scenario: Established to help grow and adapt processing technology and expertise within the Province of Ontario, funded by the people of Ontario…now filling its time with workshops sold to other countries…no time / energy left for the People of the Province.

Personal Scenario: Young man falls in love, gets married, and starts a job so that he could support his dream of having a family. Now as a father in his late thirties with four kids, he seldom has any time left for his kids, and the love of his love has grown distant.

Who are we, what were we created to be…what purpose are we to serve…what is our vision / our dream?

Activity must be regularly calibrated to your identity (law of origins) for maximum impact, and to avoid regret.