Stupid or Faithful?

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Have you ever felt stupid? You feel like you have been doing the right thing, but it seems to stand in stark contrast with what others are doing — which leaves you left wondering if you’re actually doing the right thing…or if you’re just stupid. One of my best friends passed away ten years ago this September; his name was Ken Rutherford. Some of you knew him. If you knew Ken, you might have heard him say, “Sometimes I don’t know if I am faithful, or just stupid!” He stated this once to me over a coffee conversation (some twenty years ago) about life and faith, and the statement immediately resonated with me. I wrote a song for him…and I decided that the message never expires – and that it was time to update the song.

The 10th anniversary of my good friend’s passing is a milestone for me. His funeral was one of the last times I performed any music before enter my 10-year silence…and I am now emerging on the 10th anniversary of his passing. He was a good friend. I miss him.

Here is “Stupid” — it will be part of the Breathing Again album project — if you like it, please consider sharing.