Success & Validation

I just paid $700 to take a flight that I had fully paid for and planned several months ago.

I arrived at the airport an hour ahead of my flight time…to find that my true flight had departed over 3 hours earlier. I pulled out my VISA and paid the additional fare, then pulled out my phone and called my uncle to tall him that we would be late for our supper date…I haven’t seen him in years and was looking forward to spending time with him. He has been a significant icon in my life, and in a way, his existence validated me. His career led him to become a world leader on the big stage.

He was gracious in his response to my call, even encouraging…yet I felt like a chump when I hung up the phone. If only I had checked my itinerary one more time (we had been given two flight changes by the airline)…if only I had checked in the night before as I usually did. Hmmm…why didn’t I?

Yesterday was a day turned upside down…by one phone call.

My Father-in-law had been rushed to the hospital by ambulance around 11:00, and I spent the rest of the day canceling / juggling commitments, driving my Mother-in-law and my wife (my best friend) to and from the ER trauma ward, as well as her own doctor appointments. We had lunch together (as she had not eaten breakfast), then supper…and did not get home until late evening – exhausted.

I made a mistake in not checking my flight the night before. I own that. It cost me.

Given the circumstances of the day, I lived well. I honored well. I loved well. I have decided that it was a successful day of living on purpose…no matter what it cost.