Poverty, Prosperity or Peace

I have been engaged in several conversations of late wherein we have discussed the felt impacts of deep challenge. Some were under attack at work, others finding too much month at the end of the money, and still others longing for more meaningful impacts through what they do.

iStock_000016548494XSmallIn all of these situations I find myself remembering that there is a blend of BE-ing and DO-ing — unto BECOMING. Who we are and what we do will lead to what we become. Please Continue Reading …

Challenge Values

I know that I need to value fitness. In some regards I do, for I try to maintain healthy eating habits, and get myself out for 2 or 3 hikes a week during winter…road biking in summer is easier for me.

There is a tension that comes with holding a value wherein, when we reflect on our behaviors, we can detect incongruence. We can know that it is a necessary value for sustainability (exercise keeps a heart healthy) and high performance (exercise keeps energy capacity up)…but yet we can see times when we are not behaving as if we “value” the value at all.

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