The Creating with Grace Project

Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway!” John Wayne

I have grown to appreciate that our work provides for us in many ways. Along with sustaining us through provision (think food and shelter) our work serves to challenge our physical and mental being toward strength. The old adage of “use it or you lose it” is true in respect of the atrophy (shrinking) or growth of muscular strength and intellect ability.

In the same way, our work — especially our creative efforts — offers our spirit the challenge to grow, or atrophy. It becomes a choice, and the choice toward growth is enabled through grace — for what great (think full-fill-ing) work could ever be achieved if the spirit is seized in fear? Once achieved, how could full-fill-ing work continue if fear returns? Grace enables works to be created that touch others at a deeper level — think of someone moving in grace (physically) and you will note that you follow them, because there is something different — it just captures you attention. Grace enables capacity in the midst of creation, as the creator’s heart can find peace in the outcome — but in my life, this is a struggle. I know it to be true, and I have experienced it at times, but I must continue to the practice of the application — to grow.

So – here we go. I extend an invitation to you to become an insider — an active participant in my personal grace challenge: The creation of a full double album set of original blues-rock music, pressed in 12 inch vinyl (old school record).

You will have the opportunity for a one-time purchase a limited pressing of the record, along with MP3 downloads. Purchasers will have the opportunity to be an active participant in the creation of the album, through the presentation of draft songs, preliminary arrangements and mixes – Even the opportunity to vote.

Music is highly subjective, and so there will be many varied opinions – which serves to make my grace challenge real: to stay fully engaged without fear and/or discouragement. 🙂

If you are interested in being part of this project – let me know, and I will start to build a list – with details to follow.

Here’s a couple of short samples of early writing to get the ball rolling – One is near final mix – the other is a rough mix…and so it begins…