The Leader’s Call

I recently was the benefactor of a 360 degree Leadership Development Review (LDR). I sent an invitation to 20 people I was either presently working with or serving, or had worked with within the past 10 years. The goal of the LDR was to assess the correlation/alignment of my desired values with the values that others recognized, and separately, the values they would like to see in me.

I didn’t really fear the result, but I found myself restless as I awaited my debrief. Why? I suppose it has something to do with where this might ultimately lead me. It may define the scope of my reach, lead me to choose to swim in a different vocational pond…or something like. (Hope the metaphors make sense to you)

Post debrief, I find it interesting that so many people can see the thing that you are wrestling with…not that they see it in detail or know that outcome necessarily, but that their perspective resonates with inner voice and leading. The wrestling in this case is an inarticulate calling forward deeper into the unknown, to press beyond the constraints and limitations of familiarity, comfort and routine.

I wonder if it is as simple as saying that the people around a given leader call the leader out…that a leader’s job is less aspiration to “be a leader”, and more willingness to listen to/acknowledge, and follow the call.

Once a person has heard the call to leadership, what response will they give? Will it alter them, and if so, in what way? Will humility grow  in proportion to the focus of leadership being with betterment of others, or will humility recede as position brings platform?

Maybe it is important at this stage, as in all others in life, to continue to invite objective voices to speak into us, so that we may be the kind of leader that serves the betterment of others well.