Ahh…the age old question: “what is truth?”

I think we have messed with the definition so much that we don’t know the anser anymore. For instance…here is one version found as a definition within Merriam-Webster:

“a judgment, proposition, or idea that is true or accepted as true”

Crazy stuff. North is what north is. If we all stood in one room, spun around with eyes closed, and then pointed to north…we may decide to go with the marjority and vote that north was that direction. BUT our vote holds no dictate.

If we are all at different points on the planet, it would feel like we were maybe pointing in different directions, even though from our specific locations we are all pointing north.

Still…doesn’t affect TRUE north.

Truth (is what it is)…understanding / translation leads us to a belief…we form our values based on our conviction / belief…derived from our understanding…

Beliefs can hold us back…agreed. But truth sets us free. Truth gives us a common ground – beliefs based in truth therefore must also give us a common ground. Beliefs based in an improper translation of truth divide.

Values call us forward – to be sure…but values based in beliefs that are based in beliefs which are based in improper translation of truth….well…they can lead us to sincerely and passionately destroy whatever opposes…for values are beliefs that pack a wallop!

True north truth is essential – What’s Yours?