Unresolved Conflict – Unhealthy and costly…for ALL

“Unresolved conflict represents the largest reducible cost in many businesses, yet it remains largely unrecognized…Chronic unresolved conflict acts as a decisive factor in at least 50% of departures. Conflict accounts for up to 90% of involuntary departures, with the possible exception of staff reductions due to downsizing and restructuring.” (Dana, Daniel – Measuring the Financial Cost of Organizational Conflict)

Sure, establishing a healthy culture of workplace partnership, where trust and respect flow abundant, takes time and effort. Maybe some are not up for what it takes…maybe it doesn’t seem like it is worthwhile.

An unhealthy workplace is not a high performance workplace…the bottom line suffers due to extraordinary expenses of hiring, retraining, lost efficiency, customer relationships and much more.

The cost in the lives of people…who knows how great this could be to our society overall? I hope we are not naive enough to think that it all stays at the office…and doesn’t have any adverse affects in the lives of our marriages, kids, extended families…etc.

What would make the effort worthwhile?