Vision: Power & Pain

In working with mission, vision and values statements, I am learning that vision is not static. Though we may create a vision statement at one point in our journey, we only see in part. Each step we take toward the horizon in facilitating our mission brings a bit more definition (clear detail) to our vision. Therefore it is more important that we pause to reflect on what we see, for vision is what success looks like, but it also generates the fuel (passion) for why we do what we do, powerfully calling us forward.

The downside of vision is that it is also a source of pain, as it creates a dissonance with reality at times, when what we see is not what we are living.

The drive from Swift Current to Saskatoon normally takes about three hours in good driving conditions. Last year, wife (Karen) traveled that route on her way back from visiting her brother’s family in Oregon when she encountered the fury of a prairie winter storm. This time the trip took twelve hours.

The vision of home created both power and pain. She wanted so desperately to be home that she could not help but keep moving forward…power. Yet the fury of the storm would not allow her to immediately achieve her vision of home…pain.

The fury of life storms can derail us…but the vision of home calls us forward to persevere with purpose.