What’s the big deal? Who needs purpose; who needs clarity?

As young people, in our early years of life, we do not generally think about purpose or clarity. Living for the moment is all we seem to need. Maybe that is why we sometimes refer to these years as the “good old days”. Ignorance is bliss, and we are having too much fun to care. I heard a song by the artist Beck the other day, wherein he sings “the fabric of folly is coming apart at the seams…”

Sooner or later we all need to come to grips with a sense of purpose and meaning to life, or alternatively select a drug of choice and desensitize our need to know. BUT why should any business owner care about an individual’s need for purpose, meaning, or connection to something larger?

Every organization / corporation / company on the planet is made up of a sum of individual parts: people. As goes the individuals within the group…so goes the organization. Productivity within any organization logically suffers when the people within have no sense of purpose, no sense of team, no sense of a connection between their personal purpose and the overall mission of the organization.

Imagine an organization where people discovered a fit between their individual purpose and values and those of the organization. Add to this a sense of camaraderie in accomplishing the mission as a team, embracing individual personalities and perspectives as strengths!

Would this take effort? Yes. Would it be worth it? You tell me…

How connected do you feel to life and work purpose and values? What sense of fulfillment and peace do you generally carry day to day? How would you rate your own productivity?