Who are you for?

If we were to ask the people you work with whether they felt you were for them, against them, or for themselves…what would they say? The answer to this question provides strong indication as to the health of your team’s partnership.

Partnership can be simply defined as “standing for each others success”.

Watching the world series right now and have been reminded as to how important it is to support, reinforce and cover each other within a winning team. Check it out…as soon as the ball is hit or thrown, people are in action covering for others, especially if a batter bunts! The whole infield is on the move!

No one stands alone. No one wins or loses alone. The best teams are strong partnerships…where we are FOR each other. If we are against each other the team will fail. If we are for our self, the team will fail…for we are unaware of the needs of another…and unavailable to support or cover. The batter bunts, and no one moves. The right fielder misses his throw to third base, and the catcher yawns.

Do people serve you…or are you working together toward a common cause? If you lead them, do they know you are FOR them?