Creating with Grace Project – Update 4

“Within this multidimensional tapestry, enters the Gracenote. It is of seemingly muted significance; brief and delicate, yet intentional as ornamental addition; the extra in ordinary.”

When I wrote the paragraph above into the Gracenote card, I was reflecting on the brevity of life, and the insignificance of one being in relation to the whole of creation – it’s mind-boggling. Our lives are brief and delicate. We know this more as each day passes. When I am deeply reflective I can feel the trinket reality of my life — an ornamental addition — that’s all — and yet, that in and of itself is also extra-ordinary.

Most (all?) of whatever I achieve in this lifetime will not be recorded or remembered by anyone…but there is beauty in this: it gives room for others to play their part.

As I have been producing this Breathing Again album, I note the significance of giving room for others. At the end of one of the tracks, I was planning to sing a tag line of the title, but hearing the lead guitar, I decided to let him “own” that spot (it’s SO TASTY!). In other places, I would deliberately join with the harmony or the snap of the snare drum – and it added power. The takeaway here is that both situations are powerful, and discerning production awareness makes it magic — in music, and also in our lives. Discerning / awareness of when to give room, and when to join in…with all of it potentially impactful.

I want to live my life as a Gracenote, and especially to grow my awareness to appreciate these extra-in-ordinary momentary additions.

On another “note” (pun intended), pre-sales of the record are underway – and I am super excited to announce that “Ride to Remember” was sent away for final mix/master, with all recording compete, this morning! I’m looking forward to sharing it with you!

If you would like to donate to the Saskatchewan Police Memorial Ride to Remember and secure you limited production Vinyl Record, you can do so HERE!

In a previous post, I shared about the Story of Constable Brian King and how I came to learn of the circumstances of his death through my participation in the Ride to Remember over the past five (5) years.

One other fallen officer that I learned about was Constable Robin Cameron. You can find her story HERE. Twenty-nine (29) is a very young age to forfeit your life in the life of duty…