Vision: Compound Component

Mission is “what” we do…Values are “how” we do…Vision is “why” we do…

I have being quoting vision as “what success looks like”…and this is true. Though I have spent years reflecting and analyzing mission and values, the concept of vision is one that has been most intriguing of late. I have noticed a bit of lethargy creeping into my life. Sad state of affairs for a “motivational” speaker…think?

Here’s a bit of transparent vulnerability for you…I have been bummed out enough of late to take an online depression test. Good news…the test score indicates that I don not exhibit signs of depression…however, it did indicate that I have a mindset that could lead to depression. Whoa! How did that happen?!

As I review the advice given following the test, I note that many of the steps to be taken deal with the way I look at things…my vision.

“Get your mind off your problems…” When problems are all we see, we are easily overwhelmed. Shifting our focus to solutions and working to “do better next time” brings hope instead of discouragement…and builds character through perseverance.

“Look for supportive faces in the crowd…” We need to consider all feedback, but not focus on the 1 in 100 negative.

“Keep things in perspective…” You have, and can again survive situations that you thought were too much to handle.

Our vision can us down the wrong path…the pathway of despair. However, taking the time to Calibrate our vision brings a compound benefit: Passion. Not only can we rise up from despair, but we can continually fuel our passion by seeing the way things could be.

What could things be like if you were successful in your mission? Who would be impacted? What difference would your efforts make to them?